We exist to inspire and enable individuals to choose a natural alternative to living and healing.


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Welcome to O Essentials

Founded in 2016, the O Essentials product line has diversified to offer a wide variety of supplements and oils.
O Essential supplements are made in house with only herbs—no fillers. Our team will make special requested blends upon request, and will sell bulk individual herbs upon request as well. With your help, our goal of becoming a local and innovative leader can take place!
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Healing Powered By Nature

 O Essentials is owned and operated by a registered nurse with 21 years of experience.  Through that experience it revealed an ongoing issue that continued to pop up: the health industry prescribing medications for everything.


Were the medications helping or causing more issues/side effects in the short and long term?


Interested in the overwhelming drug addiction that plagues our country, O Essentials formed to seek other natural ways to heal. Not only from illicit drugs, but prescription medications for every health issue.


With her partner, they began researching herbs and their healing properties.


With a background in toxicology and the medical field, we found the perfect balance of natural supplements and organic herbs with real results. We believe in a healthy balance between conventional and natural wellness. With that in mind, created our very own product line: O Essentials.